Thank you Colombia

We hardly got to know you, but we can’t wait to come back During our month in Colombia, we mainly stuck to the beach. After six months in Patagonia we needed to thaw out. Although we didn’t do too many touristy things, we definitely experienced the open and welcoming culture we heard so much about.  We found solace on a… Read more →

The Journey

In ten days we will be back in the United States. Sixteen months ago we left on this undefined indefinite journey. Going “home” now feels as surreal as when we left those long and short 16 months ago.  I had so many hopes for this trip. My dream of becoming a famous travel blogger with a get rich quick blog… Read more →


The journey “home” It’s time to let all y’all in on what’s no longer a secret. In just 29 days we will be back on US soil, assuming of course we have no issues with border control… We arrive in Dallas/Fort Worth on May 4th. We plan on spending a week or so reacquainting ourselves with all things Texas before… Read more →

Zen and the Art of Car Rental Maintenance

Zen and the Art of Car Rental Maintenance My first experience with an engine was the professional grade lawn-mower my dad had for our modest yard in Arizona. It was powerful for a little guy like me and would drag me when the hand clutch was engaged. In order to shut it down you needed to pull the cable off… Read more →

BIG Update!

Because sometimes we just need to give you an update! What’s next for Global Squatters? As summer winds down for our North American friends, winter is waning here and slowly giving way to Spring. Summer is on the horizon and so too, some big changes for the Global Squatters. Even though we don’t normally plan too much in advance, we thought… Read more →


So, today is my birthday. I’ll be honest, this one stings a little bit. 44 years. It just seems so, well, old! I don’t really feel old despite some of the tell-tale signs. I typically go to bed early and I wake up early. I don’t nap – my anxiety prevents it. I have more grey hair than ever before.… Read more →

Legendary Iguazu Falls (and Coati and Cougars and Puma, oh my!)

Iguazu Falls are the waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of Argentina and Brazil. They are the largest waterfalls system in the world. The name “Iguazu” comes from the Guarani or Tupi words “y,” meaning “water,” and “ûasú,” meaning “big.” Legend has it that a deity planned to marry a beautiful woman named Naipí, who fled with her mortal lover… Read more →

Experiencing the Amazon Jungle

The Amazon jungle covers 7 million square kilometers over 9 nations in South America: Brazil (60%); Peru (13%); Columbia (10%); Venezuela; Ecuador, Bolivia; Guyana; Suriname; and, French Guiana.  Since we arrived in South America last October, I have dreamed about experiencing the Amazon. Our path across Ecuador and Peru verged so very close to it, but we could never work out… Read more →

Getting lost in Rio

You might think that getting lost in Rio is not the best advice. But then you would miss all the fun stuff! We are not the type of travelers to abide by or create top 10 lists. We wander towns and cities and hope to get lost in them. We enjoy exploring neighborhoods, one block at a time. We typically… Read more →

Going back in time, in Patagonia

There really is no place like Patagonia. Just the word “Patagonia” inspires dreams and ambitions. To visit this place is like going back in time. Amazingly, much of Patagonia is still unadulterated – unaltered, one imagines from the time when the Fuegians called it home. That is until the Europeans arrived with their measles and smallpox and weapons, wiping out an entire people in less than… Read more →

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