Happy Thanksgiving!

We recently shared the post below on our Global Squatters Facebook page, but as many of our blog subscribers are not on Facebook, we wanted to share it here as well. We send our love and thanks to all of you, family and friends, at this time of Thanksgiving. 

Cory and I help with breakfast everyone morning at 6am. We typically serve about 600 people (parents and their teenagers, toddlers and babies). A typical breakfast here at the Center is a bun with cheese or jelly, a piece of fruit – typically a banana or papaya or manzanillo. Once a week they get an egg. Today it was a banana and a bun with jelly. Around 6:30 we ran out of fruit so all they got was a bun with jelly. My heart broke as they took their bare plate, but no one complained. They all continued to smile and were thankful for their breakfast.

Cory and I didn’t want to get up this morning. Saturday night through Sunday morning we did a 20+ mile pilgrimage that we will be writing about soon and we are sore and tired. But then I reminded myself of the smiling faces we would get to see, the children and babies. It was worth it. 

So, as we enter this week of Thanksgiving, and as we all reflect on what we are thankful for, we think about our families and friends back home. We miss you all, but are so very thankful to be here.

We will have a traditional Thanksgiving with our little Catholic/Jesuit/BVM family here on Sunday. Thursday we will get up and serve over 200 families their humble breakfast.

We send our love to all of our friends and family. We love you.

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