BIG Update!

Because sometimes we just need to give you an update!

What’s next for Global Squatters?

As summer winds down for our North American friends, winter is waning here and slowly giving way to Spring. Summer is on the horizon and so too, some big changes for the Global Squatters.

Even though we don’t normally plan too much in advance, we thought by September we would be heading up through Central America on bicycles. Well, you know what they say about “best laid plans.” 

Instead! We had a calling to head South. At the end of September, we will go back to Patagonia. We have jobs. Yes, jobs!

Starting October we will help manage hostel Erratic Rock in Puerto Natales, Chile. We called this cozy hostel home for 4 nights in May – two nights before we hiked the infamous W loop in Torres del Paine, and two  wonderfully warm nights after.

We never imagined returning to Patagonia so soon, but that’s the wonderful thing about our new life. Anything is possible.

The seed was planted….

During our stay at Erratic Rock, we talked with the owners, also from the United States, about hostel ownership. Buying and running a hostel is something Cory and I consider a real possibility for our next venture. Deciding where won’t be easy – I like mountains and cooler temps, Cory likes beaches and melt-your-face-off heat. I don’t think we’ll be making any decisions anytime soon. 

When we left Patagonia for Brazil, we thought a return to the bottom of the world might take years. Then, a few weeks after we left Patagonia, the owners emailed us to ask if we knew anyone interested in working the busy summer season (reminder: summer in Patagonia is December – February). We looked at each other and thought, this sounds perfect for us! So, while sitting in a hostel in Rio, we “interviewed” via Skype and signed on for another life-altering experience.

In October, we start our 7 month adventure at the bottom of the world – in Patagonia. 

But first!

To prepare for Patagonia, this past month we made a home in Buenos Aires to study Spanish. We attended class four hours every day. Cory for two weeks and me for four weeks. Although we have more work to do, we definitely can more confidently communicate.

I will reserve my feelings about the general language skills of US Americans in comparison to non-US travelers for a different blog.

And! And! And!

But wait! There’s more!

We are getting ready to host our very first visitor! Cory’s cousin Amy arrives on September 2nd – Saturday! Amy’s first job is to cheer us on in the Buenos Aires Half Marathon on Sunday!

Then, on the 6th, after a whirlwind tour of Buenos Aires and trying to do all the things Porteños do, like drink wine, dance tango and never sleep, we will rent a car and head into the countryside. For two weeks we will hunt petroglyphs in Salta, tour the Jesuit Missions, hike in Cordoba, bike and drink wine in Mendoza and camp along the way. That’s the plan anyway – we’ll see what happens!

On the 21st, we start our journey back to Patagonia and fly from Buenos Aires down to El Calafate, then hop a bus further south into Puerto Natales, Chile. 

And because our new life is all about adventure, we are running the Patagonia International Marathon on September 24th, 3 days after we arrive in Patagonia. As the kids say, you only live once. Wish my bunions and me luck.

 Life after Patagonia…

Because we resist planning too much in advance, we really don’t know what comes after Patagonia. Right now we’re thinking we will likely find ourselves in Columbia come May, 2017. But you never know where life will lead. We are excited about the adventures that await us in Patagonia and are open-minded for any opportunities that find their way to us.

Until then, maybe we’ll see you in Patagonia? If you have even the slightest desire of planning a trip, please contact us! We would love to see you!


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  1. September 2, 2016 at 11:34 am

    Amazing! We’re so happy to hear about your adventures. And yes, Americans have crappy language skills.

  2. September 2, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Wow! Loved the update!

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