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BIG Update!

Because sometimes we just need to give you an update! What’s next for Global Squatters? As summer winds down for our North American friends, winter is waning here and slowly giving way to Spring. Summer is on the horizon and so too, some big changes for the Global Squatters. Even though we don’t normally plan too much in advance, we thought… Read more →

Going back in time, in Patagonia

There really is no place like Patagonia. Just the word “Patagonia” inspires dreams and ambitions. To visit this place is like going back in time. Amazingly, much of Patagonia is still unadulterated – unaltered, one imagines from the time when the Fuegians called it home. That is until the Europeans arrived with their measles and smallpox and weapons, wiping out an entire people in less than… Read more →

Discovering Buenos Aires and The Dirty War

I don’t recall ever learning about Argentina’s Dirty War. Certainly the last thing I expected to visit in Buenos Aires was a concentration camp. But we did. And it’s this heavy history I choose to write about now.  As we crossed into Argentina, I read its history as briefly summarized in our Lonely Planet book, and was intrigued. All I… Read more →

The Road Less Traveled – avoiding the crowds at Torres del Paine

We were close to achieving our goal of Torres del Paine by the end of February. What is it they say about best laid plans? The plan was to hang out in Bariloche for two weeks and then make our way south to Patagonia. We are technically in Patagonia now, but the “real” Patagonia is further south. Our plan was to… Read more →

Beautiful Bariloche

We are currently in beautiful Bariloche, Argentina. The gateway to Patagonia. It is a resort town on a large glacial lake surrounded by spas, hotels and beautiful homes. Hostels here are more expensive than anywhere we’ve been so we are volunteering in exchange for a free room. Our buddy Shakes drove on south to achieve his goal of Fitz Roy and… Read more →

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