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The Sea Turtles of Uruguay

I cried when I saw the dead turtle. It was lying on the beach with a fishing line stuck in its mouth and coming out of its back-end. Its cause of death was obvious and so clearly human-caused that I couldn’t help but cry disgusted, regretful tears. This was my first lesson. Only day one of two weeks of incredible experiences and heart-breaking… Read more →

Discovering Buenos Aires and The Dirty War

I don’t recall ever learning about Argentina’s Dirty War. Certainly the last thing I expected to visit in Buenos Aires was a concentration camp. But we did. And it’s this heavy history I choose to write about now.  As we crossed into Argentina, I read its history as briefly summarized in our Lonely Planet book, and was intrigued. All I… Read more →

Beautiful Bariloche

We are currently in beautiful Bariloche, Argentina. The gateway to Patagonia. It is a resort town on a large glacial lake surrounded by spas, hotels and beautiful homes. Hostels here are more expensive than anywhere we’ve been so we are volunteering in exchange for a free room. Our buddy Shakes drove on south to achieve his goal of Fitz Roy and… Read more →

The Nasca Lines of Peru: Spend the money and go up in a plane

For as archaeologically significant and mysterious as the Nasca Lines of Peru are, amazingly, they are still relatively unknown. (Nasca is also spelled Nazca. My research has shown that Nasca is the spelling favored by scholars and therefore that is the spelling I will use here.) First, what are they? Simply, they are ancient geoglyphs in the Nasca Desert of… Read more →

Vilcabamba, Ecuador – The most beautiful place on Earth?

Happy New Year from the most beautiful place on earth! Well, one of the top 5 at least. We celebrated the New Year in Vilcabamba, Ecuador at the resort-like hostel Izhcayluma. We found the brochure for Izhcayluma at several other hostels throughout Ecuador and heard amazing things, so we decided we needed to include it in our Ecuador travels. It… Read more →

Christmas in Cuenca, Beautiful Chaos

When I saw that the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra was performing a free Christmas concert just a few blocks from our hostal, I was so excited. Christmas music! An orchestra! Plus a guest soloist! This will be perfect for our 2015 Christmas! In fact, Wednesday night’s concert was the third concert in so many days. Each were in a different church… Read more →

Quilotoa Hiking Loop:  An Ecuador hike not to be missed

3 day hike:  Sigchos – Isinlivi – Chigchulan – Quilotoa Total Distance:  34.5 km – 21.5 miles Total Descent:  1184 m – 3883 ft Total Ascent:  2152 m – 7059 ft Highest Elevation:  3894 m – 12777 ft After one month in Quito, we boarded a bus at Quitumbe Bus Terminal, and bought a $2.30 ticket heading south, where 2.5… Read more →

The Pilgrimage of El Quinche

There is confusion as to whose idea it was. Perhaps mine, very doubtful it was Kate’s…quite probable over a glass of wine, while struggling to put together the current puzzle in the dining room, one of the volunteers brought it up in passing and then I said, “Ya, let’s do that.” The Pilgrimage of El Quinche happens every year, as… Read more →

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