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Going back in time, in Patagonia

There really is no place like Patagonia. Just the word “Patagonia” inspires dreams and ambitions. To visit this place is like going back in time. Amazingly, much of Patagonia is still unadulterated – unaltered, one imagines from the time when the Fuegians called it home. That is until the Europeans arrived with their measles and smallpox and weapons, wiping out an entire people in less than… Read more →

Hiking Torres del Paine – 6 days, 5 nights, 90 km (56 miles)

Hiking Torres del Paine was everything we hoped it would be and more.  The minute you fly into Punta Arenas you have a feeling you are near the bottom of the world, and with the winter sun not getting much higher than 17 degrees in the sky – rising at 9am and descending around 5pm – you have a sense… Read more →

The Mystery of Machu Picchu

The pinnacle of the Salkantay Trek is Machu Picchu. Typically, you would reach Machu Picchu on day 4 or day 5. But for some reason we hiked two 10+ hour days on day 1 and day 2…. And let me just defend myself a bit here and explain why I took the easy way out in a Collectivo on day… Read more →

Machu Picchu via The Salkantay Trek – an alternative to the Inca Trail

The Salkantay Trek skinny:  We turned a 5 day/4 night trek into a 3 day/2 night trek. We did this without a guide. You don’t need a guide for this trek. But, if you choose to go with a guide, prices are about $250-300.  Day 1:  15 miles Start:  Sayllapata (3450 meters / 11,319 feet) Pass:  Highest point on the… Read more →

The Santa Cruz Trek: One of the best treks in the world

The Santa Cruz Trek was voted as one of the best treks in the world by National Geographic. Start:  Cashapampa – elevation: 9,524 ft (2900 meters) Finish:  Vaqueria – elevation:  11,811 ft (3600 meters)   Highest point:  15,584 ft (4750 meters) Total distance:  28 miles (45km) Days/Nights:  4 days/3 nights (Could be done in 3 days/2 nights buy why not… Read more →

Biking to the waterfalls of Dos Mangas

When in Montañita, hiking, biking and horse riding tours can be arranged to the “waterfalls” of Dos Mangas.  But, I’m not a fan of being guided when I know we can just rent bikes and head into the jungle on our own. So that’s exactly what we did.  Before you head out on this trek, tour or no tour, figure… Read more →

A Day Trip to Isla de la Plata

Maybe I just wasn’t super excited about a day trip to Isla de la Plata, or maybe I was hung over from the rum I had the day before (I talked the kid down from $6 to $4 at the market). Either way, we were in for 5+ hours of buses and boats to a small little island called Isla… Read more →

Montañita, Ecuador – “Maybe today?  Maybe tomorrow.”

Everyday I’m just one piece of clothing away from being naked here and yet I feel over-dressed.   If you come to Montañita with one shirt you’re fine, two shirts acceptable, three shirts – you’re just showing off. Just the thought of having to struggle to slip on my flip flops is often times too much of a chore, so… Read more →

Quilotoa Hiking Loop:  An Ecuador hike not to be missed

3 day hike:  Sigchos – Isinlivi – Chigchulan – Quilotoa Total Distance:  34.5 km – 21.5 miles Total Descent:  1184 m – 3883 ft Total Ascent:  2152 m – 7059 ft Highest Elevation:  3894 m – 12777 ft After one month in Quito, we boarded a bus at Quitumbe Bus Terminal, and bought a $2.30 ticket heading south, where 2.5… Read more →

Climbing Ruku Pichincha

In all fairness to Kate, I really didn’t explain the game plan. As far as she knew, we were simply taking the day off to take the TelefériQo Cruz Loma, the highest aerial lift in the world, have a nice day of looking down on Quito and make a few nice pictures. Once at the top of the teleferico you… Read more →

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