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A week in Mindo, Ecuador

Imagine a place where the electricity turns off randomly from 11 am – 2 pm, the rivers flow of chocolate, hummingbirds bring you honey, and unicorns run wild and free upon rainbows that pave the roads. O.k., it’s not that grand, but it has been a nice get-away from our get-away; and you can still find ice-cold beer from 11… Read more →

Hiking the Lloa to Mindo Trail in Ecuador

The plan was to take 2-3 days and hike the Lloa to Mindo trail, I had read about the hike but there was very little in the way of detail on what to expect. I’ve had plenty of experience doing 2-3 day hikes and so I made some assumptions. The biggest one being that this was just a hike. For the… Read more →

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