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Remote Life

Our life of travel is taking a pause. No more cities, buses or metros for a while while we live a remote life, bare and exposed. We are currently guests in dog heaven. For 8 weeks we are dog-sitting 4 dogs in a beautiful remote cabin on the coast of Chile (and cabin-sitting!), a few hundred kilometers north of Santiago.… Read more →

The Sea Turtles of Uruguay

I cried when I saw the dead turtle. It was lying on the beach with a fishing line stuck in its mouth and coming out of its back-end. Its cause of death was obvious and so clearly human-caused that I couldn’t help but cry disgusted, regretful tears. This was my first lesson. Only day one of two weeks of incredible experiences and heart-breaking… Read more →

Beautiful Bariloche

We are currently in beautiful Bariloche, Argentina. The gateway to Patagonia. It is a resort town on a large glacial lake surrounded by spas, hotels and beautiful homes. Hostels here are more expensive than anywhere we’ve been so we are volunteering in exchange for a free room. Our buddy Shakes drove on south to achieve his goal of Fitz Roy and… Read more →

People are people

My heart is full one moment and it breaks the next. We are back in Quito and have been incredibly blessed with an opportunity to volunteer at the Working Boys’ Center. We have been here for two weeks now, and definitely understand why it is so difficult to leave this place. In fact, our departure date keeps changing. This opportunity… Read more →

It’s a small world after all

Riding in the taxi Friday morning I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The night before was a bit of a different story. Granted, we didn’t arrive at our hostel until close to Midnight, or was it 1am?, after 48 hours of sleepless travel. And in the dark, after a somewhat unsettling cab ride, the place… Read more →

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